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welcome to february

A look back at the first month of 2024! I'm pre-writing this post to see if anything I thought I'd do in January actually happened and how it went.

January always feels like an extension of the holiday season for me. I don't like to do dry January because it's my birthday month and I don't want to feel restrained by diet or new routines. So February is more like my new year. I've been working on an off on a 12-week plan to get into an art routine. But in the mean time...

  • First ever Disney World trip! I don't feel 40 so I'm celebrating like any Disney adult and going to FL to experience the WORLD. There's nothing quite like a milestone birthday to make the imposter syndrome really kick in. [The trip was fantastic and we got to and from Orlando on time—with Alaska cancelling flights, it caused a lot of stress not knowing if we'd have to reschedule our vacation. We did have to change plans in DFW, but other than that everything went fine.]

  • IG update: I hate those reels where the hook is "I gained 5000 followers just by doing this! (read the caption)". So you do, and meanwhile you've unintentionally rewatched their 5sec reel 50 times, which makes their view count go way up...and probably gain a ton of followers! And then their caption is f*cking useless b/c it's just "be yourself! Don't be a slave to the algorithm." b.s. How ironic. But, like, does that actually work? Let's see... [No update yet, just trying to make content causing me to stress out.]

  • Books read: I'm Glad My Mother Died by Jennette McCurdy (finished 01-12-24)

  • Currently reading: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas / It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Ok, I'm really struggling with ACOTAR. I dislike all of the characters. Maybe Lucien is OK. He doesn't get as much attention as the other two main characters, but he's the most interesting IMHO...So far. I've tried to read this book 3 TIMES and I always get stuck because Feyre is so unbelievably air-headed. And I don't mean that because she can't read. She actively wants to go back to her house full of verbally and emotionally abusive family members because she's worried about them. Even though her "captors" have given her family money to have a better life while she's gone and if Feyre returns to her family the money goes away. This is where I always get stuck -- every time she tries to escape. WTF is with this lady? I'm not even half way done. But everyone says the next book is way better. So I'm giving this author a chance to redeem herself. [Did ZERO reading on our trip. Not even on the plane. Just played games on my phone for 4 hours because there was coughing kids surround sound and I needed to listen to music to tune them out.]


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