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Pt. 1 - It's a process

How do you get from point A to point B? Easy, a straight line. But...what about art? Creativity is not a liner process. It's more of a lesson in not giving up, supported with a routine and repetition.

So, what's your artistic process? For every art form (writing, painting, performing...) there are steps that each artist goes through to get to the end "product". I never went to school for illustration, just graphic design. The process shouldn't be THAT different, but I find myself struggling to complete my own personal projects (because I know the person who's making the schedule and they're full of it).

Follow along as I figure out my process for an illustration for a sweatshirt!

Part 1: Brainstorm, mind-mapping, and initial ideas

I would love to draw all the things, so I write down all my thoughts so that I can always go back and use them for another future project. What's that term from agile methodology? Backlog. Create a backlog. This latest bout of sketching has produced demon girls and cats as the themes that are floating to the top. Mermaids are always welcome, though. I found an old inktober drawing that I think I will re-draw later.

Next steps: making lots of thumbnails and exploring MORE ideas!


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