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Pt. 2 - it's not all bad

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

How Taika Waititi says he writes his scripts:

- sit down are write a shitty script

- put script in a drawer and don't look at it for a year

- after a year, re-read shitty script and tear it up (because it sucks)

- re-write the script but only the good parts you remember

So here we are! I have suffered from being a stubborn perfectionist that last 20ish years of my life. I'm pretty sure college made it worse (don't get me wrong, go to college if you can. But don't let bad teachers get you down). But it's time to get over the boredom of repetition. Ever think about how those super talented olympic athletes get to be so good? Ok, yes, it can be genetics. But the bigger hurdle is being able to get past the boring practice and never-ending repetition.

OLD PROCESS: sit down, start sketching. Does it suck? If Yes: you suck, you're not talented, light it on fire, give up. If No: this is pretty good, I'm not going to refine it anymore, it's done, never pick it up again for fear of ruining it, it's boring now, bye. Genius.

NEW PROCESS: Do some stuff. It's ok if you put it down and try other things that interest you. But come back to it. Because guess what? That idea you had a few months ago was pretty good. Now you can refine it and make it better. Nothing has to linear and complete. Trying to think of a new idea to work on? Look back at your sketchbooks because there is good stuff in there you forgot about. Re-work old paintings and drawings if you want to. Just because you got to a stopping point doesn't mean that you have to walk away from it forever.

Here's the final sweatshirt!


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