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I'm on threads now

I stopped visiting twitter a long time ago and stopped posting even long before that. It was time to shut it down. Look, it's either this or I start a broadcast channel on Instagram. And no one wants that.

So here are some life updates (in my head): I'm making a plan today to focus on filling up a whole sketchbook...and not buying any more notebooks/sketchbooks until what I have has been used up. OR jumping around to different sketchbooks. Because I literally have a stack of 4 notebooks + and iPad next to me because my brain thinks each brilliant idea has to be recorded on a specific type of paper or it will die. I've also been thinking about what would I tell my younger self if I could go back in time. I'd probably tell myself that filling the sketchbook everyday is the most important thing you can do for your talent, career, and sanity.

So...making lots of thumbnails in the hopes that something magical will motivate me to finish a series. HAHAHAHA.

And because I strongly dislike posts with no visuals, here is a process video of a knitting pattern I'm working on!

Bye guys.

Reading: It Start with Us / Colleen Hoover

Listening: The Retrievals / Serial podcast


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