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25 days in...

And I'm still struggling to see a difference stylistically in my sketchbook. But it's forcing me to have those uncomfortable conversations with myself about what my end goals are. In the beginning it's about showing up and doing the work. It's ok if the work is just a small amount of time right now, but eventually I will have to dedicate more time to improving my craft. And what is that craft? I kind of know...I want to draw without hesitating and just make filling the page effortless instead of something scary. And that's supposed to lead somehow? Getting the cash in my pocket is the part that makes me want to take a nap.

I listened to a podcast interview with Adam Ming, a guy who decided to give up his career as a start-up cofounder and focus on being an children's book illustrator. He draws for four hours a day, and in two years he reached his goal. But that's a lot of time to dedicate to a goal without any formal training. Similar to an olympic athlete, it's about being able to get through the boring parts of practice and still come back the next day for more. Because change happens with repetition.

Is my goal to be a children's book illustrator? Not right now, but maybe later? What do I want to focus on right now? These are questions for the next 75 days that I hope come into focus.


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