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This blog will be my livejournal and you can't stop me

A stream of consciousness that will appear more often, but less edited. I really want to get an IG channel so I can bother my followers more often.

Because like any good artist, I have a lot of sketchbooks. Always have, always will. And like any aspiring artist, the unfulfilled goal is to saturate each page with a collage of doodles and marks that are effortlessly merged together in a deliberate yet chaotic feast for the eye.

I imagine the journey is not unlike trying to reach enlightenment. Only instead of learning not have attachment in this life in order to reach true happiness, I will die buried in a hoard of fine liner pens.

But anyway, one good thing that has come out of moving is that I've finally curated my sketchbooks - mostly-full ones and blank ones are separated and easy to find. I have a few sketchbooks that are only a few pages in and have been left of the shelf dreaming of fulfilling their destiny. The thing that I've discovered is that most of my sketchbooks suffer from an "out of sight, out of mind" syndrome.

Truthfully, I do avoid looking at some really old sketchbooks because *cringe* it's not always pretty. But I've been able to revisit old projects and see where I can add or adjust to it to bring it into my current aesthetic. As I've refined my style this last year, I can now find fun in re-doing old work and be inspired by my old self...and not try to always avoid her.


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