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Take me to my hobbit hole

This year brought a lot of changes and the one thing that definitely got put on the back burner was my art. My biggest (and constant) struggle right now is trying to find my style and build a collection of work that I can point to and say "yes, this is me."

I'm not regretful for anything that happened this year. Despite the stress, it's actually been a lot of good things. And now that the new year is full swing (how is it March already??), I can see how the past struggles have cleared the runway for exploration and (dare I say it) JOY.

My dream is to take two weeks off of work and engulf myself in creative exploration: no social media, no TV, no news...minimal internet. I don't have two weeks to dedicate to that process at the moment, but I do have a few days here and there. This is about drawing a line between what inspires me and what's making me feel bad about myself because I'm comparing my work (or lack of work) to artists that have been working on their craft for years.

So...I guess today is as good a day as any to start building my "hobbit hole" for focusing on me instead of comparing myself to others' success. I've already spent too much time on instagram. This doesn't mean that I will give up all social media. It just means I won't go to it as default "I'm bored" reaction.

What I'm focusing on this week:

- Make a "work" or "focusing" schedule for phone.

- Limit app usage with downtime

- Attempt to shift boredom default to reading or being creative (knitting, drawing, painting, designing, etc)

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