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100 days of IG

I've read dozens of articles about how to "grow your followers on Instagram!!" and I'm even currently in an online course about how to improve my IG growth. But at the core of all these tips is one basic principal: you have to engage and post frequently to see any traction.

I dunno what the secret sauce is, but I will fully admit that I've been more of a lurker on IG the last decade than a participant. And I'll give IG one thumbs up on a new feature they added to their business suite: the ability to schedule posts in advance without having to pay for the service. It's free with a business account, which is also free to sign up for.

So what am I getting at? Well, I had a nostalgia moment looking waaaaaay back at my old IG posts. The very first posts were of pets and baby mostly. Sometimes a cool landscape or flower. And always with one of those artsy filters that came with the app. The one with the black frame was the best. Extra moody with the vignette added to my grilled cheese sandwich. And followers didn't matter. Just livin' life on this silly little app. Brands were giant corporations, not people.

And with that said, I'm setting myself a goal of posting on IG everyday for at least 100 days. And it won't be on-brand, and it will involve some silly photos of my food.

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